If The structure of the play was not fulfilled, demands were ignored, technical mistakes were made, that will be punished.

2. DELAY -

Who overruns will be punished with deducation of scores.


Who afflicts the referee or the audience with an impertinent bad scene will be booed.


The fastfood IMPROCUP is a K.O.-Tournament with a random generator and strictly limited amounts of time! Each team gets scenic tasks rotationally given by the audience, he referee/host and the randon generator. The players can collect vital scores with every successfully solved task. The audience elects the winner per applause.

The referee and the jury provide a proper run of play and a fair allocation of scores.

Only the team with the most scores at the end of the evening makes the next round!

Due to improvements in the run of play the players will be able to show even more facets of their improvisation skills in 2015.